Ben Lőcsei
Digital Designer
25th of November, 1982
Budapest, Hungary

Ben considers himself a natural freelancer, mostly working for private clients and design agencies from his comfortable home office in the suburbs of Budapest. However Ben's also spent about 5 years altogether employed or contracted in a full-time setting.  This is a short overview of Ben's professional career.

For a detailed overview of key projects please visit the Milestones page.

Freelance Career

With around 250+ projects completed along more then 13 years Ben has collected a wide range of experience working and managing projects for a variety of clients from small startups to working with high profile agencies for Fortune 500 companies.

These days Ben provides services ranging from CI design to content strategy, UI and UX design, prototyping of apps and websites and Webflow development mainly for small to medium sized firms from Germany, the US and the UK.

Ben also conducts comprehensive Webflow Workshops for teams who want to adapt Webflow.

Ben is an official Webflow Expert since 2017.

For details please visit the Milestones page.


SapientRazorfish (back then SapientNitro) contracted Ben as a freelance designer to work on-site in Sapient's office in Cologne, Germany.

During his time at Sapient, Ben has been working on projects for Lufthansa mostly engaged in UI design and prototyping tasks and also worked on a high profile digital project for Bosch as an art director.

For details please visit the Milestones page.

Hot Beaver

While being the vocalist of Budapest based grunge/metal band Hot Beaver, Ben (obviously) took control of the band's visual appearance designing everything from the logo, to CD sleeves, posters, merch, Facebook ads, even pumping out a fun music video edited together from the best scenes of Ed Wood's notorious Plan 9 From Outer Space.

  • Logo design

  • Online and offline ads

  • Video

Deutsche Telekom

Telekom Design hired Ben to work at Detusche Telekom headquarters in Bonn as a lead designer on a team exploring progressive eCommerce solutions to be shipped to Telekom branches across Europe.

Subsequently Ben has been hired to work as a UI designer on one of Telekom's own mobile applications.

For details please visit the Milestones page.

Horizon Music

Australian Booking Agency Horizon Music hired Ben to create a simple, tasteful website to reflect the agency's values of efficiency and simplicity and to introduce it's roster of highly original bands and solo artists.

  • Design of simple agency Website

Compact Disco Music Video

Working for the video production company Studio-X Ben created the visual concept for the music video of "Without You" by Compact Disco, Hungary's Eurovision contestant for 2012.

  • Consultation the artists and production team

  • Creation of visual concept for the animation trough a series of complex still-images incorporating blue-screen stills provided by Studio-X

  • Documentation of guidelines for animation style


Being the vocalist of infamous Hungarian HC/modern metal band Poison of Marvel naturally Ben took care of all design tasks from the band's logo to posters, ads and various merch items. Ben also designed the inlay and disc and created the album art for the physical release of the band's 2011 debut album.

  • Logo design

  • Online and offline ads

  • Merch (pins, drumsticks, stickers)

  • Album art


Founding his own startup agency in early 2010 Ben has been busy managing the company while being the lead designer on key projects, overseeing development, liaising with clients and generally having a great time in Yellowfox's office in downtown Budapest.

At it's peak Yellowfox employed 5 people and provided design and development services for a solid client base of about 10 small to medium-sized companies and design agencies before downsizing and finally closing it's doors in late 2012. Rest in peace little yellow fox.

For details please visit the Milestones page.

Cymetriq Studio

Having helped found Cymetriq Studio back in 2005 Ben returned to become the company's art director between 2008 and 2010.

While working closely with the company's clients on a multitude of projects Ben's work mainly focused on various design tasks and art direction of webdesign projects overseeing the work of junior designers and developers.

Cymetriq Studio has recently been awarded the Hungarian "Golden Thumbtack" Award for Design Agency of the Year 2017. Great job guys!


As the art director at IBM certified, Budapest based software development company Green-Hope Consulting Ben was responsible for the CI and branding of the company and it's complex product line of EAM and accounting software.

Ben also managed design services provided by the company working closely with clients and partners.


Ben has been working at Carnation, back then one of Hungary's biggest design agencies (meanwhile acquired by Possible) as a graphic designer mainly on the design of websites but also did extensive 3D modelling for a number of projects including Flash games and interactive 3D Flash websites.

A&D Juliette

Ben's first job as a graphic designer at a small design agency in Budapest consisted mainly of designing print for the Budapest gastronomic sector. Valuable experience with print design and production.